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You're right. She's gone. Let's sell her Things.

You learning to read will greatly improve my time management.

plastic sweat. metal skin. metallic tears.
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I am anti-fun. Not as in "anti-violence", but as in anti-matter. I am not so much against fun--although I suppose I kind of am--as I am the direct opposite of fun. I suck the fun out of a room. Or perhaps I'm just a different kind of fun; the kind that leaves one bereft of hope; the kind of fun that ends in tears.

I'm a switch, a bad girl and a poseur. I an queer and I do not care for labels anymore; thanks, but what you see is what you get-- no explanations. I'm shy, a multi-ethnic loudmouth, Muslimah, a proud and obstinate fattie, a gourmet chef and I am currently owned by Nigel the lab, Mr. Woo the cat and Cleo the hound. I speak Japanese, Spanish, English and Geek (comic book is my preferred dialect). I am a politically minded, hyper opinionated know it all with no tact and a shriveled little black heart. I live a tragic life which, fortunately makes entertaining reading. I like dispensing justice while looking stylish and fresh.

My 30 year old hormones are making me less allergic to intimacy. I love Massive Attack, Golden Oreos and jerk chicken wings from Kingfish Cafe. I also help moderate fatshionista. Fat. Hot. Never enough.

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